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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Why is it Always in Pairs?

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Tuesday is playground duty day. The teacher next door and I have duty time together (student teachers can't have sole responsibility).

9:45am (morning recess): as one boy walks up to me with a bloody hand from falling down, I witness a girl trip and skin her hand (extremely) on the rough chip-sealed blacktop. All within about 30 seconds. We send them both to the nurse through the tears and hope she doesn't think we're abusing the kids.

1:45pm (afternoon recess): As a few kids get my attention to one boy who was stung by a bee and is sitting on the ground holding his leg, another boy is simultaneously knocked in the head with a tether ball and proceeds to lie on the ground. As we send them both to the nurse I have to ask the mob surrounding them (the "helpers") to stay on the playground and ask each "victim" to choose one escort. I heard that another girl snuck through with them anyway. Tricky tricky. Now we're pretty sure the nurse is up to her ears busy.

My sinus problems weren't any better today, and we've still got a classroom full of "ailing" children. Seems it's going around, but we had to have a discussion (or at least my cooperating teacher did) about only going to the nurse if you REALLY need it. She read "The Little Wolf who cried Boy" to get the point across (that's a cute book, by the way). We'll see if it helps.

At either rate, I must have used hand sanitizer at least a million times today, every time after I blew my nose... I probably used it to the point that it wasn't effective anymore. As the kids were getting ready to go home for the day, one of our young "know it all" or "gift to the world" students says to me, "You know you should really use some hand sanitizer." Yeah, thanks for that, I'll log that away. (I didn't say that to her... just smile and nod... but sheesh give me some credit here.)


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