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Saturday, August 26, 2006

The First Day of Preparation...

Friday August 18, 2006

One of the first things they told us to avoid at our student teaching meeting was gossip. "Don't listen to it and don't participate in it. People will remember what you say and it could put you in a bad position. We also need to respect others." Funny they should mention that.

The first day back and while out to lunch what should happen? Gossip at its finest. It's pretty hard to avoid without seeming rude... what am I supposed to do? Cover my ears and go la-la-la-la-la? I do my best not to add to it at least, but... it's just unavoidable in a profession full of females. Here we go.

I'm not necessarily going to disclose what the gossip was all about because that would just be ironic, but I will say that I'm disappointed in how some staff members speak poorly of others. We all just need to have a little faith in each other, that's all. It reminds me of how I want to try really hard not to get on someone's bad side... the thing is though, you may never know that you are until it's too late. Wasn't high school over a long time ago? I just really hope that nobody ever talks about me that way. I'll try my best never to do the same to another teacher and hopefully the teacher gossip karma will reward me ;o) I'm nosy by nature so I can't say that I'm not interested in what is being said, though. Sometimes it's useful stuff to know. Oooh help me.

Other than the gossip, can't complain. My cooperating teacher is great and the teacher next door, who just completed her first year of teaching and did her student teaching at this same school just in the Spring 0f 2005, is also very nice and very willing to help me with anything I need for which I'm very grateful. We got some good planning done and I'm quite excited for everything to come. Lots of copying and creating and making things pretty. Not to mention the fact that my cooperating teacher bought me lunch. How nice was that? We worked on making a planner for the semester, which the teacher next door said she'd go to Kinko's to bind. I wanted to give her money for it but she wouldn't let me. Grr.

I read some of the Lucy Caulkins books on the writer's workshop over the summer, and I really hope we can follow her model throughout the year. It will be nice to finally put everything that I've learned in my education classes to use! I was able to return the books today, since I borrowed them from the school. My cooperating teacher is going to look over them since I think it's new for her too. I really hope it works out.

Now we're ready for the weekend and then it's a bright-and-early 7:30am meeting in a building that is not the school but for the entire staff of the school. I don't really know what to expect at all... but I know there will be food because up 'till 8am it's supposed to be a continental breakfast. My cooperating teacher told me that it would be best to show up at 7:45am, haha. I guess that's all the time you need to eat a muffin :o)

On another note, the principal introduced himself to me for the fourth time since last year today. I can't really blame him, but still kind of funny. Once for my fall practicum, once for my spring practicum, once when I interviewed him for my thesis, and then today. He's very nice and welcoming... but I know who he is by now. Haha. It's okay if he can't remember my name. I did cut 14 inches off my hair in the summer... hopefully he'll remember my name now though :o)


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