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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Whew... I survived the first week...


Friday, August 25, 2006

It's funny how things change when suddenly you're "for real". I was in this school for practicums all of last year. Granted it was only for a few hours here and there (and all day one day a week last spring), but I pretty much at least recognized just about everyone when I came back to school. The big difference is that now everyone treats me like a real person since I'm here all the time. I think the formal introductions helped a lot, but rather than just walking by me staff members will stop to say "Hi, Sarah!" and will genuinely engage in conversation with me. I don't feel so out of place in the teacher's lounge any more, and I feel less like an intruder. I understand it, I mean, there are lots of practicum students at this school every semester... but I still have to chuckle to myself. I've made a transition in status, and I must admit that I like it. Everyone has been very friendly... at least to me.

-again with the violent play grr
-this recess-then-lunch thing really sucks
-i need to work on read aloud management
-of course the district supervisor and principal stop by when i'm alone and the kids are loud


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